English at IES San Fernando with Jacobo Mir

2º Bachillerato - Welcome to the Third Term!

Unit 5&6: Assignments and Dates

OralOral Unit 5 - Pride or WelfareBefore March 25th 
OnlineOnline Exercises Unit 5 (Relative pronouns)
Before March 31st
WritingOpinion - Movie / Pride or Welfare
Before March 25th
PAU PAU 5 / After review in classApril 13th
Your Résumé (Typed & Printed)
Before April 21st
Oral Unit 6
Letter to Jacob - Review the school year - Use Modal Verbs
Final TEST
Grammar Final Test Units 1-6
PAU Final
Last Final Test

Unit 6: Labor Conditions / Work Plan

International Wowen's Day (March 8th)

  • We will start by reading about Martha Wangari, a Nobel Peace Price Winner who fought for the environment and for the rights of women. There will be a writing related to this topic.
  • On March 8th people around the world celebrate International Women's Day. Do you see a connection between this day and Martha Wangari?
  • Check these sites to find out more about International Women's Day. Why should we still celebrate it?          Site 1    Site 2    Site 3    

Use this wall to write your thoughts about International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th.

Tablón día de la mujer