English at IES San Fernando with Jacobo Mir

Welcome to the 2nd Term!                 November 2016 / February 2017



Dates and Assignments / 2nd Term / November 2016 - February 2017

 Skill Description Date
 Oral Choose one or two of the pictures discussed in class andsend me an oral  December 15th -19th
 Writing Write an essay on the Violation of Human Rights in today's world  December 15th -19th
 December 15th
 Online Upolado pictures Unknown Famous Women  January 23rd
 Writing  Not without my daughter / Opinion / Women's rights January 26th
 ACCU PAU 4 January 26th
 Oral Famous Women February 3rd-4th

High Frequency Words

A recent study by UAM has established that most of the words that appear on PAU tests are from a "2,000 high frequency words list". This means that if students master those words, they should be able to do better on the test, and increase their comprehension.

During this term we will work on such lists in order to help you increase your vocabulary and your comprehension.  Fry WL     List A 0-1,000     List B 1,001-2,000      AWL

Spelling Rules 1 - Spelling Rules 2 - Spelling Rules 3 - Spelling Rule 4