English at IES San Fernando with Jacobo Mir

1º ESO / 3rd Term

 6Modal Verbs / Countable / Uncountable
 Food / Recipes
 Art / Design
 7Past Tense (1)
 Clothes / Fashion
 The Solar System
 8Past Tense (2)
 People and Places The Romans
 9The Future
 Computers and Technology

Third Term / Dates

 Grammar   Unit 5 - Electronic Workbook
 Technology / Oral
 Presentation / International Food / Cities / Other
 Grammar / Test Irregular Verbs 
 Grammar Unit 6 - Electronic Workbook
 The Romans: use worksheet used in class
 Grammar  Unit 7 - Electronic Workbook 
 Writing Use the template provided in class to write about the Movie "Like Mike" 
 Final Test 1
 Units 0-8 
 Grammar Unit 8 - Electronic Workbook 
 Grammar Unit 9 - Electronic Workbook 
 Final Test 2
 Units 1-9
 Final Oral  Send me an oral using this power point

Final Exam

  • Describe the pictures
  • Do not read from a paper - this is an oral exam
  • Try to be natural - Grade will be based on oral skills

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