English at IES San Fernando with Jacobo Mir

1º ESO - 2nd Quarter / Units 4-6





Topics / CLIL


Comparison of adjectives

Possession / Routines


The Weather

Extreme Sports


Future Tenses

The Weather


Making Plans

The Water Cycle


Questions / Answers

Countable  / Uncountable


The Food Chain

The Digestive System

Assignments Unit 5

1. The Weather Report

2. Writing: Friendship

3. Workbook online - Unit 5



March 17th 

Unit 6: Assignments

1. Test 1-6 (This grade counts for the 3rd Quarter)

2. Online Exercises - Select 8 different exercises from this list

3. Power Point / Foods of the world / Work with a partner / You will have to present in class




Assignments: Unit 4

1. Finish Online Workbook 3

2. In groups, make a recording of your school (during class time / use your phone)

3. Use the Links (maps): Compare Countries / Exercise and compare

4. Oral - Describe the power point used in class: Extreme sports

5. Finish Online Workbook Unit 4

5. Test - Units 1-4

6. Online Exercises Unit 4 (Workbook)

January 28th

Week of January 23rd

February 10th

February 17th

February 14th

Februrary 16th

March 3rd

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