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Welcome to your Senior Year!

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You Choose: Traditional - Different

  1. Do you know who Michael Moore is?
  2. If yes - Tell me!
  3. If you don't: Find out - Guess
  4. Learning through Movies (That's a hint!!)
  5. Check out his web page!
  6. Book / No book
  7. A course planned around a movie???
  8. Topics for discussion
  9. Shall we watch the movie?

Where to Invade Next, a Documentary by Miachel Moore

http://www.lawstarz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/12308494_1708172846068729_7862448363129154065_n-672x315.jpg On the first day of class we decided to work around this movie. We have started watching the movie and we will select a few topics around which we will learn about Spain, Europe and the US. This is a new approach to this class and will require some work both on my part and the student's part. Let's hope this is a productive experience.

6 Units Total - 2 Units Each Quarter: These are the topics WE agreed on:

1st  Quarter

Unit 1


Tense Review

Related Vocabulary


Unit 2

Food and Health

Reported Speech

Related Vocabulary

Formal Letter

2nd Quarter

Unit 3


The Passive

Related Vocabulary


Unit 4


The Conditional

Related Vocabulary

For and Against

3rd Quarter

Unit 5

Human Rights

Relative Clauses

Related Vocabulary

Adjectives and Adverbs

Unit 6

Labor Conditions

Modal Verbs

Related Vocabulary

Time Expressions

What the Senior Year is not!

This is what you are NOT going to be doing this year:

  • Follow a textbook in a traditional way. We will be using a textbook, though, called ADVANCED CONTRAST 2
  • Review only for a Final Test and work little during the quarter
  • Be introduced to new grammar concepts - You should have been taught most of the grammar that you need to take the Access Test; therefore you are expected to use the language you already know so you can increase your oral and written fluency

Course Description

  1. The goal of this course is to use the English language in discussions, essays and oral presentations with the level of correctness expected by a pre-university student.
  2. This course will be planned around 6 units (2 for each quarter) that will allow you to use the four skills (Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing) regularly.
  3. The load of work for ths course is significant (there will be at least an assignment each week) so it is essential that you keep track of assignments and work regularly.
  4. Grammar Revision: Verbs & Tenses - Reported speech - Passive voice - The Conditional - Relative Clauses - Modal Verbs
  5. By the end of the school year you shoul be able to express feelings, opinions, and interests correctly - By the end of the school year you should be able to handle every day situations correctly.
  6. Vocabulary: Based on the topics covered in each unit - Increase your voabulary through access to authentic materials.
  7. By the end of the school year all students should be able to pass a PAU test.

Class Rules and Expectations

Be respectful - Be on time and ready to learn when the bell rings - Have a positive attitude towards learning - The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell or the students.

Don't be late - Don't get distracted - Do not distract others - Don't work on something else. Work hard!

Oral Assignments Using Audacity

You will be asked to record yourself regularly at home and send me an MP2 file to my email address. Please check the following file that will show you how to download the program.

These are some of the things that you may be asked to do:

  • Indiviudal Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Dialogues
  • Readings

Assignments will be posted on the calendar and announced in class. You will be given a specific date to send that recording. No extensions for these assignments, so if you missed that date you will get a 0 on that assignment.


Writing Assignments

There will be a written assigment almost every 10 days - Check the list below and have them ready on the scheduled date - Most topics for compositions are related to the Units covered in class.


  • Reading is a key element in Foreign Language Learning, therefore we will read short selections from different sources, both from hard copies and online.
  • Please check the calendar to see when the next storie or text is due. 

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